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Name* Rach
Age* 17
Location* Alabama
Birthday* April 12

Food* Mac N cheese
Pop* Tart?
Drink* Cran Grape Juice
TV Show* Friends
Day of the week* Friday! wahoo
Band* I dunno
Singer* I really like that Mcartney guy
Type of music* Everything
Store* Hollister
Candy* Kisses

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* McDonalds
White or black* White
Soft or hard tacos* Soft
Silk or cotton* Cotton
Love or lust* Love
digital camera or regular* Digital

Why do you think you're pretty enough? Um... just wanna see how people would rate me
Are you single? kinda... just dating
Do you have any pets? 2 golden retrievers
Tell a little about yourself: Um I got to CHS im the captain of the dance team ive been dancing all my life...I teach dance... I love to just hang out with my friends and I have one more semester of school then im out!!!



Name*Aja, Ay, Aj
Birthday* 1/26

Drink*Diet Coke or Tea
TV Show*My Wife and Kids, Jeopardy, and E! News Live lol I'm a dork.
Day of the week*Tuesday
Singer*Alicia Keys
Type of music*Rock/RnB/Rap/Hip-Hop/alot of music...
Store*Urban Outfitters

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* Wow....that's I'll go with Burger King!
White or black*Black
Soft or hard tacos*Soft!
Silk or cotton*Silk
Love or lust*Love
digital camera or regular*Both...either way I love pictures!

Why do you think you're pretty enough? Well, I don't always think it's about looks, personality is a big part of it, and I don't think I'm ugly, I'm decent lol.
Are you single? No.
Do you have any pets? Yes, a doggie =]
Tell a little about yourself: I act, play guitar, sing, I love movies, Johnny Depp, I love to write poetry, surf, skinboard, and I love to just hang out with friends.

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Hey guys :) this is your mod, I got a new lj name i used to be staryeydsuprize.



Well, i thought everyone forgot about this! So I'm going to make it pretty, and get it up and running again! So everyone promote please!!!!!!