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I'm falling down
But I should find my strength in this
A light that burns to reconnect

Name* Shannon
Age* 18
Location* New York
Birthday* October 4th

Food* I live on fast food, Worst habit everrrr!
Pop* Cherry Coke, Mr Pib, & Zup
Drink* ^^^
TV Show* The Simpsons & Seinfeld. Anything that can make me laugh.
Day of the week* Probably Sunday, my 'sleep day' =)
Band* I have so many but Yellowcard is my favorite right now.
Singer*Usher, he has one of the best voices in the music industry & just released his best album yet!
Type of music* I like rap & rock.
Store* Hollister
Candy* Anything chocolate, im addicted =P

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* Hmm Id say Mc Donalds.
White or black* white
Soft or hard tacos* They are both sooo good, but Ill go w/ hard.
Silk or cotton* Cotton
Love or lust* Deff. Love.<3. Best feeling in the world.
digital camera or regular* I love digital cameras.

Why do you think you're pretty enough? Because people have said that I am and that totally boosts my confidence level! So here i am.
Are you single? Yes I am.
Do you have any pets? 1 Dog *Max* & 1 Cat *Ruby*
Tell a little about yourself: Well lets see I am in college right now studying criminal justice hoping one day I can make a career for myself in that area =) Im very easy~going & kind hearted and always up for a challenge.

^For all you people who like smiles =D
Big one for you all!

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