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NEW (really sorry, forgot to do lj-cut b4 ) :( x


Name* Shelly
Location*  England
Birthday* 20th October

Food* Chinese
Pop* fanta
Drink* fanta :-p
TV Show* that 70s show, friends, will and grace.
Day of the week* saturday! woot woot
Band* Jack off jill, The distillers or Kittie
Singer* Marilyn Manson
Type of music* ermm punk i guess :-/
Store* Grin
Candy* Candyfloss :) yum!

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* neither :S i prefer KFC
White or black* Black
Soft or hard tacos* Soft
Silk or cotton*Cotton
Love or lust*Love
digital camera or regular*Any...

Why do you think you're pretty enough? ermmm dunno :-/ i dont think im that pretty, but i wanna join this community.. :-/
Are you single? nope <3<3<3
Do you have any pets? two cats and a goldfish :-p
Tell a little about yourself: emmmm.... im random.. woot woot! ouch my throat hurts. :( i like hanging out with friends, shopping (when i have money) and.... oooo i love animals. I hate... school ( blegh, ) cucumber and being tired :-p oink oink ! damn raccoon stole my lambchop.... xxxx



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