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Name* Maryssa
Age* 14
Location* Virginia
Birthday* January 20

Food* french-fries!!
Pop* Mountain Dew
Drink* Lemonade
TV Show* Best Week Ever
Day of the week* Saturday
Band* Dashboard Confessional
Singer* Usher
Type of music* alternative/emo
Store* PacSun
Candy* Starbursts!!

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* well I like McDonald’s fries but Burger King’s burgers. . . so can I have both?? 
White or black* black
Soft or hard tacos* soft
Silk or cotton* cotton baby
Love or lust* love <3
digital camera or regular* digital. . I like seeing the picture right after you take it so I can know if it’s crappy or good (:

Why do you think you're pretty enough? Well I think I’m pretty. . but I guess yall are gonna have to tell me if I’m pretty enuff.
Are you single? yes
Do you have any pets? No. . . **tear** my mom’s allergic.
Tell us a little about yourself: well. . . I’ll be a sophomore after the summer! Woohoo!! I love boys and all my friends are soo special! I love being loud and obnoxious! I am very giggly! I love swimming and running. .and I <3333 music!!!


((on the left))

((really scary pic..haha))

sorry about having to tilt ur head to see some of them...


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