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Name* Jalisa
Age* 13
Location* Sanford,Fl
Birthday* October 20

Food* Puertorican Food
Pop* Rootbeer
Drink* Margarita
TV Show* Degrassi
Day of the week* Friday
Band* None
Singer* Alicia Keys
Type of music* Hip Hop
Store* Ross
Candy* Rock Candy

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* Hmm... Thats a hard one but Burger King
White or black* Black
Soft or hard tacos* Hard
Silk or cotton* Silk
Love or lust* Love
digital camera or regular* Digital Camera

Why do you think you're pretty enough? Well i have a good personality and my apperience isn't bad and I get complimented a lot so i think that i'm pretty enough
Are you single? No I have a boyfriend named eric
Do you have any pets? yes two cats they are girls shibea and shadow
Tell a little about yourself: Well Im Mixed with black and white, I am 5'4 And i have a boyfriend named eric and we have been going out for a little more than three months and i love him a lot. I have a good personality im funny,outgoing,smart,love to be around people,crazy and i enjoy going to highschool football games, spending time wit my bf,going places,going to the mall,going to the movies,having fun,dancing,going out with friends,being around with the people i love and that's about it.


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