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new jew...well, not really

                                                                                                                                               Name* Lindsey
Age* 14
Location* Manhattan, New York
Birthday* March 31

Food* quesadillas, cereal, mozzerella sticks, CHICKEN!
Pop* pop?
Drink* jello, water, and chocolate milkshakes
TV Show* o.c.
Day of the week* everyday except sunday
Band* deathcab for cutie, alanis morrisette, mcr, tbs, the cure, incubus, no doubt, dresden dolls, interpol, elefant, etc...
Singer* robert smith and gwen stefani
Type of music* hip hop, alternative, and electronica
Store* urban outfitters
Candy* i dont eat candy

-Either Or-
Mc Donalds or Burger King* dominoes
White or black* black
Soft or hard tacos* soft
Silk or cotton* cottttooon white
Love or lust* lu-ve...get it?
digital camera or regular* digital, if i had one :(

Why do you think you're pretty enough? well technically i think i am, but my pics arent that great and wont show that...but oh well.
Are you single? nope
Do you have any pets? nada
Tell a little about yourself: hmmm...i live with my grandfather in a studio in uptown new york city. i love art and photography/photoshop and the after.... i also couldnt live without my music. moshing is essential in life and when i cry my eyes get really green like this..

and this is me...not paying friend tamara and me doing a good luck dance for bowlingme giving a huuuuge smile. i didnt know he (my grandfather) actually took the picture, heh...THEE END!

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    Thats me intertaining myself Im on the left... Homecoming court Im in the blue jacket on the bottom!

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